Brooklyn Bridge Park in D.U.M.B.O. in downtown Brooklyn is one of my favorite places to shoot photos of the Manhattan skyline. this image is one of many from a recent trip to the park. I isolated the Manhattan Bridge with the lit Empire State Building in the background. The dramatic  afterglow along with the cloud formation made for a wonderful image.

This picture was taken on my Canon 5D Mark II camera on a Manfrotto tripod about 30 minutes after sunset.

This image and more from that evening can be found on my website:  Just click on the Portfolio tab and then the New York Select Images gallery.



Whenever I’m in Montauk Point New York, I make it a point to go down to the harbor. I check out the fishing boats and all the gear. This last visit I happened upon piles of fishing nets and ropes. As usual I end up taking a variety of shots and compositions. This image is one of my favorites. I like the order in which the ropes are piled and the unraveling of the main rope in the middle.

I shot this image with my Canon 5 D Mark II and my Canon 70-200mm “L” lens to zoom in on the subject. This enables the detail of the rope to really pop.

This image and many more from this past visit to Montauk Point can be found in my Eastern Long Island Gallery on my website

I took this photo on a recent visit, to one of my favorite places, Montauk Point, New York. After arriving down to the beach and walking away from the lighthouse, I decided to try something new with this image. I placed a ND filter in front of my lens. This filter is basically a black, dark piece of glass that enables you to capture movement in a photograph. You are able to use very long exposure times in a well lit enviroment. The final result is a misty effect on the moving water.

Misty Fjords, Alaska

Misty Fjords, Alaska

The Misty Fjords near Ketchikan Alaska is considered the “Yosemite of the North” for good reason. The glacier created waterways and the towering cloud covered mountains are breathtaking indeed. The photograph taken above was shot during a boat tour. The cloud covered birch trees running up the mountainside gave a mysterious atmosphere to the scene.

I shot this image using my Canon 5D Mark II and my Canon 70-200mm “L” lens. The black and white processing best convenes the mood of the scene as I saw it.

Alaskan Brown Bears

The one thing everyone hopes to see on a trip to Alaska is a bear. We were lucky to spot this mother brown bear and her cub from a boat while touring the Misty Fjords. It wasn’t quite bear season yet, so this sighting was very special. It was very difficult getting a clear shot of the bears since the boat was rocking and the bears were moving. I used my Canon 70-200mm 2.8 “L” lens with a doubler on it making it a 400mm 5.6 lens. I tried to steady myself as best I could. This proved even more difficult since I was shooting with only my left hand. My right and dominant arm was in a sling recovering from emergency rotator cuff surgery just two weeks prior to the trip. More Alaska images to follow.

Daisy Glow

This is one of the first photos I took with my new lens the Canon MP 65mm Macro. The black and white conversion of this image works well in bringing out the detail of the flower.

Captiva Star Sunset

Just as you enter Captiva Island from Sanibel Island there is a public beach with a jetty of rocks separating the inlet between the two islands. This is a perfect place to watch the sun set and capture some nice photographs. On this image I used multiple exposures to catch the movement of the water and the setting sun..